Proposition 37

What appear to be legitimate concerns about voter fraud have arisen in California’s Proposition 37 vote. A Yes vote would require labeling of products containing GMOs. On a national level, due to the vigorous efforts of agribusiness companies and their bought and paid for allies USDA, FDA, and most members of Congress, including Al Franken, GMO […]

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From our friends at Food Democracy Now! It’s time to Stop Monsanto  – Join Us for the Food Fight of the Century to label GMOs! Dear Virgil, Tonight is Halloween and there’s nothing more frightening than the future that Monsanto and the giant pesticide companies have in store for us. In just six days, on […]

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Last week, a Stanford University study was published which got way more press that one would expect. For example, you can read one article written just after the study’s release in the New York Times: Stanford Scientists Cast Doubt on Advantages of Organic Meat and Produce. Essentially, the study claims that organic products are not […]

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