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The latest addition to my blogroll is The Culinary Cellar. The primary focus of this great blog is cookbooks, but that is not all. Debbie Vanni has a huge collection. I am a huge book lover and have a pretty good cookbook collection, so I can appreciate her passion. The really cool thing about this blog is that her posts are quite varied and interesting, covering all aspects of food and cooking, but most are based on a cookbook that is named. Pretty nice tie-in that allows for tons of subjects. Check out The Most Popular Flavor in the World that is about vanilla and based on the book, A Century of Flavor.

Her description of her blog:

I love cookbooks. I mean I really love them. I love to read them, treasure them, learn from them, and, of course, cook from them. To me, cookbooks take on a life all of their own. They are history, family, and memories. I have been collecting cookbooks and writing down treasured recipes of family, friends, and neighbors since about age twelve, which means I now own thousands of cookbooks, recipes, and clippings. Now I want to share them with you along with the many other culinary treasures of my cellar.

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my mom’s blog! I think she writes really interesting and useful articles for anyone who loves cookbooks!

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