Attic Kylix, 550 BC

Attic Kylix, 550 BC

I have been extremely busy lately, including learning pottery techinique, putting in an offer on a small farm, and trying to get our house ready to sell. So, the blog posts have suffered. Hopefully, that will improve soon. This blogs gets an incredible number of page views and I thank all of you who read it.

Anyway, as I have mentioned before, I am an anthropologist and among my main interests is Greek and Roman culture. One of my motives for learning pottery is to discover how the ancient Greeks made their beautiful ceramics and try and reproduce it in this day and age. Today, I completed my first kylix. It is done and drying now, not yet fired or decorated. It will take at least two more steps to complete, one a bisque firing to get it ready for glazing. I will then attempt some simple decorations in the glazing process, but I am not quite ready for the detailed paintings of the ancient Greeks. Mine was done in porcelain. The Greeks used different clays

A kylix is essentially a wine cup that has a broad and shallow bowl, two handles, and often a base. Here are pics of one simple kylix

My Kylix, still hasn't been fired or glazed

My Kylix, still hasn’t been fired or glazed

from around 500 BC and my “greenware” version that is as yet unfinished. I can’t wait t get it finished and have a libation. of course pouring out the first draught for the gods before drinking the wine myself.

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2 Comments on The Kylix, Greek wine cup

  1. Aurora Pope says:

    Keep us posted! I’ve been working with ceramics myself lately. 🙂

  2. Virgil says:

    Thanks, Aurora, I am loving ceramics and it is far more complicated than I ever imagined. This kylix is far from perfect, but for a first effort I am really happy with it. The bowl and base were thrown on a wheel separately and the handles hand made. I have it drying upside down so the handles are even. And those are my second handles, I trashed the first ones, which were larger but looked horrible 🙂 What kind of things are you doing? I am finding the possibilities endless and a bit overwhelming.

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