The 1932 movie The Dangerous Game

Eva Trowbridge and Bob Rainsford

I have started watching movies from the “100 Movie Pack Hollywood Classics,” a huge bargain at $32.50 from There are a range of dates covered and the movies include many in black and white along with some obscure color movies (at least obscure to me). Some I have seen and heard of, many others I haven’t. For a black and white movie buff, this is a real find.

The Most Dangerous Game, made in 1932, was great, I think I have seen this one. It is an action flick with the typical evil man (Count Zaroff, played by Leslie Banks), the damsel in distress (Eva Trowbridge played by Fay Wray of King Kong fame), and the hero (great hunter Bob Rainsford played by Joel McCrea).

It is amazing what they could accomplish in 1932. Filming in black and white was always more difficult than color and it is a credit to directors Irving Pichel and Ernest Schoedsack that this film is so suspenseful and fast paced. Survivors of shipwrecks landing on a small island are taken in by Count Zaroff in his restored Portuguese castle, complete with a Cossack (played by Noble Johnson, the first black person to play whiteface in a film to portray a white character). Needless to say, Count Zaroff is not as friendly as he first appears.

I give this one 5-stars.

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