Wow, 20 minutes into episode 2 and I really don’t care for any of the contestants or the challenges they are being given. What a change from last year and incredibly disappointing. So, what is the problem? If it stays like this, I will stop watching.

Could be that Food Network did a terrible job of selecting contestants. None of these contestants, except maybe Aarti and Aria, is appealing now. They, at least seem real. Most I am pretty neutral about and a couple irritate the hell out of me, especially Dzintra. She is beyond bad as a personality. So far, I really don’t care how anyone cooks, it doesn’t matter. Then there is the requisite health nut intent on pushing his ideas on everyone.

Could be that the challenges so far are incredibly lame. The writers this year have done a crappy job. Giada De Laurentiis brings nothing to the show and is an unwelcome distraction. Susie Fogelson, Bob Tuschman and Bobby Flay do quite well on their own and do a good job even with the handicaps so far facing them this season. Even though he seems like a nice guy, Duff Goldman is unbelievably obnoxious and just won’t stop. The Duff and Zoltar sketch was really lame.

OK, back to the show, 30 minutes in and it hasn’t improved.

I cannot believe that Dzintra made it through another one, personally I would have pulled the plug on Paul. It was nice to see Aarti do well and Serena is starting to show some nice personality. Aria went downhill bigtime this week.


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