Next Food Network Star - Aarti


OK, I like Guy Fieri, so the first challenge is a movie genre inspired dish that the contestants have to first cook, then present on camera. Not a bad challenge, but we saw their cooking for only a minute or so, way too slow and, once again, we have a segment that went way too fast. I wonder what the hell is going on this year. Even the food critiques are flat and superficial. At least let us seen a little more, this is USA Today tiny articles for the unwashed public with zero attention spans. Aarti did well, which was nice. Aria did better that the judges gave her credit for, as did Dzintra, even though I still think she should be long gone.

OK, that took up 5 minutes of the show.

The Hollywood red carpet scene was interesting. Only Dzintra really made an ass out of herself.

The cooking challenge has promise. Kind of like Chopped (a show I love) the teams have to cook one dish solo and one in tandem using the ingredients they got in

Next Food Network Star - Paul


their swag bags. We are getting some decent coverage of the cooking, that is good. Should be interesting to see what they come up with. This was a great challenge. Paul will probably be the one to go unless the collaborative dish pulls them out of it. Otherwise, Dzintra should go. Last commercial break just started. Let’s see what happens.

Next Food Network Star - Dzintra


OK, it comes down to Paul and Dzintra, the other two have to be safe. Thank God, Dzintra is gone. Paul will hopefully be the next.


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