I’ve been meaning to comment about this show, the third episode is tonight. I wanted to post this before the show



because I am hoping that they reverse last week’s elimination. Jen was eliminated and there were three other chefs that should have gone before her. I believe that Tom Colicchio and crew have integrity and will allow Jen back in as her elimination was plain wrong on a number of counts. I am thrilled to see Anthony Bourdain as a judge. I wish he had been there last week, however.

First of all, I like the All Stars show because I already know the chefs. We don’t have to flounder around the first few episodes to gain an idea of who they are and how good they are. I don’t like that there is an uneven number of chefs from each prior season (that impacted the challenges in the first episode) and they invited back some who weren’t finalists but had, I guess, more personality in the producer’s minds. This was a mistake, but we have an interesting mix of chefs, including one of my favorites of all seasons who everyone loves to hate, Marcel.

First week the right chef went home. The challenge was a good one, recreate the dish that sent them home in their season. Elia went home. I like her, but she deserved to go.

Last week, I hated both the challenges and the judging. First, they had to make a snack for



kids doing a sleep over at the Natural History Museum with Joe Jonas. I never heard of him, still don’t know who he is, but know he has no clue about food. Bad choice. I hate any challenge aimed at food for kids, especially when the kids and someone who doesn’t know food like Jonas gets to judge.

It isn’t fair.

Elimination challenge was cook a breakfast for the kids and their parents. Making the chefs suffer through an all-nighter was OK, but the judging was horrible. Jen Carroll was sent home for an unseasoned dish. Big whoop. She was mouthy with the judges, but this is about food. Three other chefs should have gone home before her.

I have never had an issue with the regular Top Chef judging before, yes with some of their unqualified guest judges, but not the main panel. Until now. Tom Colicchio damaged his own case defending the Jen Carroll elimination by saying in his blog,

“Every chef this season has a big fan base right from the get-go based on his or her performance in a past season, and it’s going to be very hard to be objective about what one’s fave does in this season. I have braced myself to hear from the fans of the chef that was sent home each week that we judges got it wrong.”

Judges Blew It

Judges Blew It

He is basically telling us that if we disagree with him, we are partisan idiots. Bullshit. Jen was not on the top of my list, she just didn’t cook anything that would kill someone, didn’t actually not cook anything because of a bullshit cut (I have duct or electrical taped far worse cuts and sucked it up more than once) and she didn’t over-salt the hell out of her dish. Under seasoning a dish doesn’t make it inedible, over-salting it does. And what about undercooked eggs? Can you say salmonella?

Maybe the judges aren’t as fair as I thought.

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