Well, let’s see if this one gets censored by the Bravo TV facists. I am 0 for 3 so far. Yes, it was good to see Jamie go, but this week, she probably shouldn’t have.  This season that I thought couldn’t get worse, has.

First,m they rip off the Food Network’s Next Iron Chef Show with the fishing challenge. Are the writers so bad they can’t come up with original ideas? Of course, Food Network is getting ready to rip off Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares show. I guess food TV people are a bit short on creativity.

Next, the actual challenge, teams fishing for their food had two fatal and unforgivable flaws.

1. This is a competition where an individual wins, it is not a team competition, as I have stated a zillion times before. You can not have a fair competition when team members have a vested interest in the demise of their teammates. No, this does not make for good TV.

2. Once again, there is not a level playing field. Competitions that are fair ensure that all contestants have the same level of difficulty. Fishing for 5-hours, always a crap shoot, does not offer a level playing field.

As usual, judging was horrible and Tom was the dictator. Caesar Tom should just dismiss his Senate, he allows them no power.

Top Chef All Stars had great promise, but it has become clear that all the producers care about is generating conflict among the contestants. This show is not about cooking, it is about personalities and this season Bravo TV has completely failed. Hopefully this will be the last season.

I still don’t know why Bourdain is here, he had participated in one show and then written inane blog posts defending the ridiculous challenges and idiotic judging.

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