I have to admit that I am still watching the All Stars season, as bad as it is, and it got worse with last week’s episode and the elimination of Casey. I have no axe to grind, none of my favorites have been eliminated yet.

First thing is that Tony Bourdain, touted as a judge, has only been seen in one episode and that episode was the only one with a fair elimination. But, his blog has supported the other episode challenges and judging results. Frankly, I’m not sure why they have him, but his credibility as an honest writer has been irreparably damaged by his association with this season. I was planning on doing great reviews of his books, Nasty Bits and Medium Raw, but now I am not sure his writing is honest, something that made his books stand out.

Second, this season appears to be seriously scripted by the producers, so the appearance is that what happens is predetermined and not reality. Tom appears to be the only real judge, might as well just get rid of Padma, Gail and any guest judge. The Quick Challenges are a waste of TV minutes. In previous seasons, if things were very scripted, they did a good job of hiding it. This is the kiss of death to a competition show that purports to be honest.



Third, the challenges have generally been awful, especially the Dim Sum challenge. In a competition with an individual winner, you do not eliminate people because of team situations that did not work out. Casey should be commended for volunteering to do front of the house. I don’t know, but the whole thing stinks, she “picks” the most difficult dish to do (chicken feet) and someone else screwed them up. Jamie is still there. Need I go on? I thought not. My advice: get some new scriptwriters for next year.

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