I have spent two and a half years with the Army in Iraq and Afghanistan, including some time in Kuwait and a short time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I discovered a few things. One is that their food is excellent. But, more importantly, is the ignorance most Americans have about Muslims. Americans tend to hate them all and lump them into the same radical category. But, despite some radicals, who are in the minority, most of the folks I met and interacted with, including the Afghans who happily shared their food with me, are good people who just want to live their lives without interference. I can identify with that. So, if we are going to hate them all, we really should have a basis for that. Sure, the religion is alien to most of us, but then, the same could be said of their understanding of our ways.

While I actually had access to TV in Kuwait, I watched some Huda TV, an English Islam education station out of Egypt. The also have a website dedicated to Islamic education and it is worth checking out if you want to hear the other side of the story, so to speak.

Huda TV has now launched Huda Academy. Huda Academy is an Islamic Studies website where you will find free courses as well as certificate courses all recorded in high quality format. I don’t think it is anything like it on the internet. You be the judge.

Here is the link for Islamic Studies in English offered at Huda Academy.

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2 Comments on Understanding Islam

  1. lovvee says:

    your comments are quite right, most people are decent, but the infiltration to the west is/was a plan, and when Allah calls…..how can one teach their kids a 2000 yr old malice against the crusaders ????….true the Christians invaded to reach Jerusalem, but that was 2000 yrs ago !!!!!!! their laws are barbaric to women in modern eyes etc…..customs so different, it is wise to be on guard, as when Allah calls……why are they now all in the free world, not merging into society at all ?????

  2. Virgil says:

    I can’t argue with your logic, especially regarding assimilation. Unfortunately, no immigrant group assimilates like the ones did up until the 1950s or so. As for their laws, many in the developed world consider the US having capital punishment still barbaric. We live in a crazy world. Thanks for your comment.

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