This one isn’t a foodie blog but is intriguing and looks good so far. Plus, @FacetiousMuse keeps recommending me on Follow Friday on Twitter, so it must be good! I have actually read the blog and looked at the podcasts, so I can tell you this is a good one. Last podcast topic was “Zestra the Female Viagra?.” I’d love to be part of one of their podcasts discussing how Viagra might be the Female Viagra. Yes, I know what I am suggesting, it just might not be very obvious. From their site:

Unspoken Issues FIERCE & FABULOUS AWESOMENESS for women who KICK-ASS. Aired live Thursdays 7pm/est on Paltalk News Network  Bridging the gender gap to empower women and to enlighten men. Don’t be shy join live on Paltalk News Network Thursdays 7pm/est. You won’t be disappointed, if we do say so ourselves, we are really quite FABULOUS.

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