FOB Warrior

Was at Warrior for a few days recently and one day they had “Afghan” food as a choice. I had rice with chicken curry and “Afghan” potatoes. The mess hall hadn’t otherwise changed quality wise, but this meal was actually very good. The potatoes were basically boiled and broken up into irregular pieces with some butter or oil, not bad at all. There were also a mixture of overcooked vegetables like cauliflower and brocolli with a cumin overtone. This was not that great. I don’t think I have ever had food with spices outside of salt and maybe some tiny amounts of oregano and the like in some dishes. You could actually taste the curry and cumin and it had a nice cayenne bite. Unfortunately, it looks like this may be a once a week thing. That was the only time I saw these choices. I’d eat this stuff everyday over the other choices.

FOB Ghazni

When I got back to Ghazni, they had the same thing as at Warrior one day. I had the curry beef this time and it was pretty good, the beef was tender, a rarity.

But, what really blew me away is that one day, one of the main line selections was a curried lamb stew. More of a lamb stew, the curry was pretty mile. But, it was lamb, it was tender, and it was pretty good. I had it over rice. I hope to see that again.

I visited two new locations since my last report (link) and revisited another couple. I went back to Four Corners, where their mess operation has dropped in quality a bit. I have been stuck here for days, so have had a very representative sample of the food. I’ve also been back to Giro and it is about the same.

FOB Four Corners

I’ve been stuck here a week now and the quality of the food is consistently poor. I am afraid my last trip must have caught them at a high point.

FOB Andar

Two Maudies – not recommended

FOB Andar is one of those ugly military posts you just know you aren’t going to like, so much so I didn’t even take pictures. It is bigger than I expected, living conditions aren’t that great and it has the horrible Force Protection toilets. I don’t know why teh Army buys these, there are plenty of better alternatives. Luckily, only Warrior and Andar have them of the places I’ve visited. The mess hall is a company operation, not contracted by Fluor and, given there is a Battallion headquarters there, one would expect it to be better. It isn’t. The only plus is there is cut up fruit available. On many small sites, the fruit is just there if they have any fresh fruit at all.

COP Miri

Two Maudies – not recommended

This is the smallest site I have been to, even fewer people than Giro. I wasn’t in a picture taking mood here, either, not much to take pictures of, really. It is also a soldier run mess hall that appears to be understaffed. The food is pretty bad, although breakfast was OK. This was a typical mess hall in that you won’t starve, but you may sometimes eat because you need to rather than because it tastes good.

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  1. Chris says:

    I found your blog after doing a search on “jimmy dean meals.” I think it is shameful that you’re criticizing “soldier run” chow facilities. You know if the @#$% hit the fan at that FOB the cook would be running to the wall to protect your skin.

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