Chicken processing

Chicken processing

Is transportation between here and China and back really that inexpensive? Hard to believe. Is labor really that cheap compared to here? I live in an area with at least one big chicken processing plant and most of the line employees are Mexican. I don’t know their pay rates, but I doubt it is very high. Plus, the infrastructure is already in place across the United States in chicken growing regions. to process chickens.

What is really insane, to me, is that, as I understand it, the chickens will be slaughtered in the US before going to China. So, there will still need to be  slaughter facilities. Another thing that confuses me is I always thought that double freezing chicken was a bad thing. Not that USDA cares about that. Consumers are told not to ever refreeze thawed chicken.

In any case, now chickens slaughtered in the US can be sent to Chinese processing facilities, then shipped backed for sale in the US. How sick is that? China is known for complying with US mandated regulations ha, ha, check out those lead based painted toys, eh? How can this possibly be beneficial? Ain’t no way. It is disgusting already how chicken is produced and processed in the US.

USDA, of course, is trying to assure us all is wonderful. Yeah, just like the GMOs they promote on Monsanto’s behalf. Bottom line is that USDA is a joke and should be put out to pasture forever. they can’t even oversee making sure slaughter facilities in the US comply with all their rules. And they are going to tell us they can certify Chinese facilities? Give me a break.

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