One Maudie – Run Away!

I’ve been living  in a hotel in Fayetteville, North Carolina, since Jan 13th. NO ONE in this town can cook meat properly, including the steakhouses. I’ve never seen anything like it. Usually, if anything, restaurants overcook meat. Not here. It reminds me of France in the late 1970s, where you could order well-done and get raw.

Case in point, sorry to highlight one restaurant, but this place is a local brew house with a great menu and great ambiance, The Mash House Restaurant and Brewery, they also call themselves a chophouse and specialize in steaks, including a 40 oz one you can win a t-shirt for eating (along with a pitcher of beer, a couple of sides and a dessert). A couple friends of mine did this challenge. Most of my mates here love this place.

OK, the beer they make is outstanding, they make calamari right and people recommend it to others. This is Fayetteville, so that doesn’t mean a lot. It was also voted most romantic restaurant in Fayetteville. It is a nice place, but romantic? I think not.

I have learned here to talk to the wait staff about how my meat should be cooked and it still usually is wrong. I have tried ordering medium and hoping to get rare, sometimes that works to a degree.

First time I went, beer was great and service excellent. I ordered rack of lamb. I discussed cooking with the waitress and ended up ordering medium (I like mine rare). I got almost raw. I know what rare is and this was not rare. I ate it anyway. Last Friday, I took my wife, she was in the mood for steak and this IS the place in Fayetteville according to most. It all started off wrong, with horrible service, we had to get the manager to get a waitress. The appetizer we shared was very good, an avocado dip. My wife’s drink (gin and tonic) came with a lime slice that had to have been cut three days before. The waitress thought we were jerks for asking for a proper slice.

My wife ordered a fillet and I ordered a rib-eye. We discussed the cooking issues with the waitress and ended up both ordering medium, hoping for rare to medium-rare. When we got our order, my wife’s fillet was almost raw and my rib-eye was well-done. It looks like they put both of our steaks (of very different thicknesses) on and off the pan at the same time. Result, two inedible steaks. I will not send an undercooked steak back to be cooked further, that screws it up and a restaurant isn’t getting away with that. A well-done steak cannot be sent back and uncooked.

The manager was very gracious and allowed us to leave without paying. Neither of us had eaten a bite of our steaks. I will not go there again, even if the beer is good and my friends pressure me.

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